Congratulations for making the decision to have a successful financial future!

Improving your financial situation or getting is something that has all too often been reserved for the few, as many don’t understand the need or the affordable costs of financial planning. There aren’t many people who go out of the way and get out of their comfort zone in order to improve their life and get their finances in order, despite the fact that many people need help and need to understand their circumstances a lot better than they do. Whether you are nearing retirement and need to make sure your money is working for you, or in the stages leading up to this, a financial planner can considerably improve your situation. Fill out our booking sheet today for an obligation free, first appointment in the comfort of your own home. During this free appointment we will show you how you can improve your financial situation and ensure that going forward you are in a better position.

What we do:

  • Consolidate or Grow My Super – If you have money in multiple superannuation accounts or simply don’t know where your super is if it is performing for you, we may be able to help and get you on the right track.
  • Retirement Income Planning – Whether you are looking to retire now or in the very distant future then good retirement income planning from a financial planner is vital to your future.
  • Personal Risk Protection Insurances – We can help with things like Life Insurance, TPD Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection Insurance. You require different levels and different types of insurances at different stages of your life.
  • Creating a Financial Plan –  We can create an in depth financial plan across all areas of your need for you going forward. As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  • Mortgage Broking – Through our arrangement with Lending by Numbers, we can refer you onto a mortgage broker if needed, whether it be for a review or for the purchase of a home, this can save you money going forward.

How the process works

We will go through a financial needs analysis with you to help you understand what you need to do going forward. We will take into account your attitudes to risk, what you want to protect if something goes wrong and your overall financial situation. From here, we will provide you with some options going forward and how we can help you. Should you wish to proceed with advice, you will get a written Statement of Advice, explaining everything that we have recommended and for you to refer back going forward. Should you not wish to proceed with advice following the initial appointment, you will not be charged anything for our time.

Our service includes implementing the advice, should any product changes or recommendations to take out products occur as well as ongoing advice and periodic reviews if required and wanted by the client. It also includes access to a financial planner throughout the process whenever needed to ensure that you are in the loop with everything and are kept involved in the decision making. We believe that the clients should be involved in the decision making process to ensure they are comfortable with what is happening and to help them learn about their financial situation and ultimately become more financial savvy.

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